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City Lights

City Lights

City Lights

City lights are effective advertising platforms.

It is a functional advertising design, the size of which is 1.2x1.8 meters. Modern design is represented by transparent rectangular box, inside of which is an advertising poster. At night, they are illuminated with the help of fluorescent lamps.

Such modern outdoor advertising platforms are quite universal and attractive, as they allow you to promote any product and increase the flow of new customers.

Features of the city lights

They are installed in those places where billboards are forbidden, and therefore they are clearly visible to both drivers and pedestrians. Moreover, they are practical:

  • The location of City lights in crowded places and installation at eye level –  all this help to potential consumers to memorize better.
  • Posters posted on City lights can be reused. Also, they could be swapped, or the advertising plot can be changed.
  • Easy installation facilitates quick placement and dismantling, which makes the cost of the advertising company cheaper. Thus, the minimum period for which advertising is placed is only one week and the advertiser can cover a wide audience for a short time.

Due to the minimal terms of accommodation, often the city lights are used to announce the upcoming events.

The advantages of using them:

The high efficiency of the advertising campaign, conducted with the help of city lights, is explained by the following factors:

  • The internal illumination installed in the boxes makes the advertisement brighter and more attractive. The message is broadcasted both in the daytime and at night.
  • To place an outdoor advertising object there is no need to use large rooms. City lights, due to their compact size may be placed on the streets, in crowded places and in the premises.
  • Successfully chosen layout of the design allows you to reach a wider audience of potential customers.
  • Such the eye level advertising attracts attention and allows you to establish a close eye contact, which guarantees careful examination of the ads by customers.

Naruzhka advertising agency offers you a rent of city lights, which are located in the center of Kiev and the historical parts of the city. The price, primarily, will depend on the advertising campaign timing and the location of the city lights structure.