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Holder is a quite popular advertising construction, which is a vertical, two-sided banner on a vinyl base with the size of 0,73х2,02 meters. Banners are fixed by means of special brackets on the street-lights along the road.

Kinds of advertisement placed on holders

Drivers of vehicles, passengers and even passers-by looking at advertisements on street-lights’ pillars, with repetitive images that «merge» together. Hence it's simply impossible not to pay attention to a new product or promotional message and that is why the holders are so popular.

It is also popular to place a holder-pointer to the place of sales (store, office).

Taking into account the specificity of this form of ad, it should be clear what kind of advertisement should use the holders as the advertising medium

  • Social campaigns targeted at a certain audience
  • Brand advertising. This kind does not imply placement of traditional advertising; it inclines potential customers to be loyal towards to the TM or brand.
  • Advertising of a specific brand. The banners contain the updated information about TM, the purpose of which is to make it more recognizable and increase sales in the region.
  • Retail advertising. Such holders are located near the advertised stores or enterprises. The goal is to provide an influx of new customers and tell the target audience about the advertised company.
  • Political advertising is the most popular on the eve of elections and has high efficiency.
  • Address-reference advertising or advertising signs is the most often placed in the nearby of the advertised objects, it tells drivers and pedestrians the route to the advertised store, office or point of sale. Advertising is located with the arrows and the address.

Specificity and advantages of placing outdoor advertising on holders

Despite the sufficient flexibility of the holders, such outdoor advertising has a number of features that are important to consider before buying an advertising holder:

  • The necessity to create visual contacts with advertising. Holders are installed, as a rule, where there are any road signs and it is better to order several consecutive identical holders – by using this method it is easier to notice them.
  • Holders on the pillars are beneficial for both: advertisers and advertisees. Since the holders are placed on the lampposts, directly under the sources of street lighting, the ad does not need night illumination and is clearly visible at any time of the day.
  • A long series of identical banners bearing the company logo (brand advertising) looks attractive, creates a special mood and, of course, increases customer loyalty and brand recognition in general.
  • The rent price of 1 holder is low. You will receive the same number of contacts as, for example, by advertising with the help of billboard, but it will be cheaper.

Naruzhka advertising agency offers its clients not only to advertising place on holders in Kyiv and Kyiv region, but to develop and produce an advertising layout that will attract attention, interest the buyer and will motivate to start acting.